FAQ Categories: Car & Van Insurance FAQ

Q. Can I renew my insurance online?


You can renew your Home and Motor Insurance online through www.kennco.ie/renewal

If you would like to make any amendments to your policy please call us on 014092600 before you renew your policy with us.

Your insurance policy does not come into effect until the full amount owed has been paid. If you have let your policy lapse please call us on 014092600.

You are not on cover if you have made payment past your policies renewal date.



Q. How can I make a change to my policy?


Any change to your policy from a change of car, policy cover, address etc. can be made by mail or telephone. The change does not operate until we have confirmed it.

Q. Can I cancel my insurance policy?


You can do this at any time. All you need to do is return your insurance certificate and disc along with a written request to cancel your policy. We’ll arrange the cancellation once we receive your documents. Remember, cancelling the policy in the first year may result in you getting a small or no refund due to application of short period rates. No refund will be due where there is an incident or accident which has or will result on a claim’s payment on your policy.

Q. What is the ‘cooling off’ period?


You have the right to cancel the policy within 14 days of the inception date or the date you receive the policy documents without giving any reason. To do this, you must tell us and return the certificate of motor Insurance and insurance disc. If you cancel this policy during the “cooling-off period”, you will have to pay a premium for the time you had insurance cover, provided no claim has occurred since inception. In the event of an accident, incident or claim being reported to us within the “cooling-off period” (or afterwards) we reserve the right to retain the premium in full or to ask for the premium in full. Should an incident or claim be reported to us after the “cooling-off period” we reserve the right to reclaim any premium we had already returned to you.

Q. What does driving of other cars cover me for?


A. Driving other cars means the policy holder can drive a car which isn’t owned by them, their spouse, an employer or hired by them. Driving of other cars is not available for all policies and the cover is always third party only. Please check with us to confirm whether you are covered.

Q. Do you recognise driving experience if I’ve previously been a named driver on another person’s policy or on a company policy?


We usually do if your driving experience is current and claims free. You’ll just need to provide proof of your continuous driving history with a letter from the Insurer who covers your driving. The discount allowed is related to the number of years you are driving claims free.

Q. Do I have Breakdown Cover?


Yes, our car and van policies include Breakdown and Home Start cover.

KennCo Insurance Motor Policies

24-Hour Breakdown Assistance Number:

01 499 8316

KennCo Motor Policies through Footprint/R&Q/Accredited
24-Hour Breakdown Assistance Number:

Footprint and R&Q:
 01 908 9030
Windscreen Repair: 01 908 9030

All emergency numbers can be found here.

Q. Can I get a discount if I take a higher excess?


Yes, you can get a discount on your insurance by increasing your policy excess.

Q. What is a policy excess?


It is the amount you are responsible for if you have a claim. For instance, if your excess is for €250 and you’re claiming for €3,000, the insurance settlement that you receive will be €2,750.

Q. What does comprehensive car insurance cover?


This cover incorporates third party, fire and theft cover and includes accidental damage to your car or van. For example if your car is damaged while parked you can claim from your policy for accidental damage.