Can I Drive a New Car Without Insurance?

Posted on October 17, 2023

Purchasing a brand new car can be a very exciting time, and when you drive away from the dealership, you will be so happy with the new car that you couldn’t imagine getting in an accident with the car. You will be so consumed by the new car that you might forget about car insurance. New car owners must have at least third party cover to drive their vehicle legally on the road. Without this, you are breaking the law.

Before you drive off with your new car, you must have the motor insurance disc on the windscreen to drive in a public place. It is a very serious offence to drive without insurance. If you drive your new car without insurance, you will be penalised. The penalty can include:

  • A fine of up to €5,000
  • 5 Penalty points
  • Imprisonment not exceeding six months

The court may also decide to disqualify you from driving instead of receiving any penalty points. For a first offence, you will be disqualified for two years. 

The Gardaí may impound the vehicle if they believe it does not have insurance. 

What You Need To Do After Purchasing a New Car

There are a few steps you should take after you purchase a new car:

  • Be aware of any work or service it needs
  • Tax the car
  • Insure the car

NCT/ Service

When you purchase a new car from a dealership, you should discuss if it has passed a recent NCT. If it is, then great. If not, it could mean more money to fix parts of the car and get the NCT done. 

When purchasing privately, you shoudl also be aware of when it was last NCT’d. You should ask about the car’s service history, and you can also find out more information online, but this will cost you.

Car Service

You should ensure that the car is in perfect order and, if needed, take someone with you who knows more about cars, so they know you’re getting a reliable car, especially when dealing with private individuals.

Taxing The Car

Taxing the vehicle is a key step to getting your car on the road. It is a legal requirement to have a motor tax to drive your car in a public place. It is a charge imposed by the Government on vehicles. It is collected by local authorities. 

Your vehicle can be assessed depending on the CO2 emissions, engine capacity and other factors. To find out more, visit the Citizens Information website. 

Car Tax

Once your vehicle is taxed, you must display proof. You must display a tax disc on your windscreen. If you don’t display a tax disc, then you will receive a €60 fine from the Gardaí.

If you are taxing a new vehicle, you can do this online, by post or visit a local Motor Tax Office. To tax your vehicle online, visit motortax.ie. You will need your insurance details and a credit card/ debit card to pay the tax.

Insuring The Car

Once you insure your car, you will be excited to start driving it. You can purchase short term insurance to drive it home before waiting to take out annual insurance. 

Car Accident Involving an Uninsured Driver

If you had an accident with an uninsured driver or a driver you can’t trace, then you must go to the (MIBI) Motor Insurers Bureau of Ireland. The MIBI are responsible for compensating victims.

If you were also injured in this accident, you could send a personal injury claim to the (PIAB) Personal Injury Assessment Board. This board provides an assessment of personal injury compensation for victims involved with motor and public liability accidents. 

Car accident

What Happens if You Get Refused Insurance

Insurers do have the right to refuse an individual with car insurance, but they must provide a reason for the decision if you ask for one. If you are refused cover from an insurer, you can go to the Declined Cases Committee of Insurance Ireland. They will help obtain a quotation for you. Before you go to the committee, you must have first looked for an insurance quote and received in writing refusals from at least three separate insurers. For whatever reason, they see you as high risk on the road and don’t feel like they can give you a quote. Insurers can refuse drivers for several reasons, but it is rare. 

Getting a Good Car Insurance Quote

Research: We can help you get a great value car insurance quote. When looking to purchase a car, take note of the cost of insurance to see if the car you chose can fit your budget. 

No Claims Bonus: If you have built up a no claims bonus, you could earn a discount on your insurance premium. 

Get a quote online for your new car today, or call our agents on 014092600 for a quote over the phone. Purchase online 24/7 with payment options available.

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