Car Insurance after returning to Ireland

Providing Car Insurance To Returning Irish Expats

Are you looking for Car Insurance after returning to Ireland from living abroad? We know how difficult it can be to get insured for Car Insurance and Home Insurance when you have been living abroad and return to Ireland. That is why we try to make it as easy as possible if you have lived outside of Ireland for a number of years.
If you are looking for car insurance or home insurance and wondering if you still have your no claims bonus in Ireland, the answer with most insurance companies will be no. In most cases, if you’ve been away for more than two years, your no-claims bonus may have expired. Some insurance companies may even refuse to quote you. That’s where KennCo Insurance steps in. KennCo takes foreign driving experience into account and we’ll be glad to give you a quote. We will also consider your driving history before you emigrated.

As we all know, during the recession, Irish emigration soared. In 2015 alone, over 35,000 Irish citizens emigrated from Ireland, with the UK, Canada and Australia being the top three destinations attracting Irish job-seekers. In 2018, for the first time since 2009, Ireland is seeing more Irish people returning to Ireland than those emigrating. This is down to the improved economy and increased job prospects. According to the CSO, April 2017 to April 2018 saw 90,300 people move to Ireland. Returning Irish Expats accounted for 28,500 of these. Re-adjusting to life in Ireland can be expensive, especially when you need to sort out accommodation, employment and car insurance. So any reduction in the price of your car insurance will be welcome.
Your no claims bonus will make a big difference to the cost of your premium. KennCo Insurance offers great discounts of up to 56% discount on your premium when you have 5 or more years no claims bonus.


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How to get Car Insurance after returning to Ireland?

KennCo Insurance is very happy to provide you with a quote even if you have a lapse in your car insurance cover. We take driving abroad or driving as a named driver into account, so you don’t miss out on our great discounts if you’re a safe driver. As mentioned by one of our customers who has returned to Ireland;

“Kennco Insurance – not the coffee – in Rathfarnham in Dublin proved to be the only reasonable company that was willing to overlook the no-claims bonus going slightly over two years. They insured me – the policy underwritten by Lloyds – and provided the necessary letter of indemnity for €715. They were kind and patient on the phone too – it makes a difference.”

What will you need?

We may require additional information such as proof of your driving experience abroad. If you can request documentation from any previous insurance companies from while you were abroad, this will suffice.
If you’re planning on getting back on the road in Ireland, call KennCo Insurance for a quote today on 014092600.


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Hi Elizabeth, 

I just wanted to let you know that the car is sorted and I really appreciate how smooth the whole process went. Thank you for making it so straight forward. 

I’m due to change my insurance in September and will definitely be contacting Kennco.

Niamh Q

I moved home from New Zealand just over a year ago and was shocked at the number of insurance companies that flat out refused to quote me…In contrast, the staff at KennCo were both professional and practical when discussing my situation. I was provided a solution which, although expensive, allowed me to get on with life and work in Ireland. I was pleasantly surprised at the much improved renewal quote I received this year and was happy to sign on for another year.


Just a brief note to say thank you for all the assistance you gave me recently in relation to my daughter’s car. You were most helpful and efficient and we really appreciate the effort you put in dealing with our case.

I wish there were more like minded people out there in companies such as yours.

A O’Neill