Looking for Car Insurance after Driving a Company Car?

Posted on November 1, 2022

Switching from Company Car Insurance to a Policy in your Own Name

If you’ve been driving a company car for more than 2 years, you may find it difficult to get car insurance when you switch back to an insurance policy in your own name. company car

Many insurance companies in Ireland will charge you higher premiums or refuse to quote you if you do not have a no claims bonus (NCB). However you must have an insurance policy in your own name to earn a NCB in Ireland which often isn’t possible when you’re driving a company car. Company car insurance policies are usually under the company’s name or through an ‘open driving’ insurance policy. So despite being an experienced driver with a clean driving record, you may not receive any discount on your own car insurance policy.

Named Driver Experience

This also applies to drivers who have been driving as a named driver on a family member or friend’s policy.

Drivers regularly expect to have built up a no claims bonus after driving as a named driver on someone else’s policy. But similar to a company car policy, you cannot build up a NCB unless the car insurance is purchased in your own name. 

How to get Car Insurance in Your Own Name

Unlike other car insurance companies, KennCo Insurance are happy to provide you with a quote if you’ve been insured on a company car or as a named driver previously.

All we need is a letter from your previous insurer or your company with your driving history details.

We’ll take all of your historic driving information into account when we are providing you with a quote so you won’t be treated like a new inexperienced driver. 

Call KennCo Insurance to discuss your driving history with an insurance agent on 0818 25 20 25. 

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