Women’s Car Insurance

Who’s offering affordable and reliable car insurance for lady drivers?

KennCo Insurance are, and as well as a competitive price you will get a great service and a great range of benefits.

KennCo offers a range of features that adapt to your needs. We reward drivers based on their safe driving history rather than their gender, which means we can provide affordable insurance for both men and women. If you’re looking for affordable women’s car insurance, then look no further. Women can choose from Comprehensive Cover or Third Party, Fire and Theft Cover to a level that they require.   

Thousands of women in Ireland have made the switch to Kennco Women’s Car Insurance. Get a quick and reliable car insurance quote online today or call 01 409 2600!

Women’s Car Insurance Benefits
  • Unlimited windscreen protection
  • Free courtesy car
  • 24-hour breakdown assistance with home start
  • Legal expenses covered
  • Personal accident & medical expenses covered
  • No loss of no claims bonus for fire or theft claims.
  • Courtesy car for up to 5 days

If you’re aged 19 or over, KennCo Insurance will give you an immediate quote and great cover.

Finding the Right Insurance Policy

Finding the right car insurance policy can be hard sometimes. Whether you’re looking for comprehensive cover or third party fire & theft, we’ll help you to find the right policy for your needs. KennCo won’t try to confuse you by using jargon or by adding hidden costs to your policy. Instead, we present all of your policy details upfront while still offering you a price that you can afford. We also have a dedicated customer service team who are always on hand to answer any of your insurance queries. But don’t just take our word for it. Get a quick quote today and see for yourself! 

Why not find out just how competitive we are, KennCo, more than lower prices.

Women’s Car Insurance TESTIMONIALS

Hi Elizabeth, 

I just wanted to let you know that the car is sorted and I really appreciate how smooth the whole process went. Thank you for making it so straight forward. 

I’m due to change my insurance in September and will definitely be contacting Kennco.

Niamh Q

I moved home from New Zealand just over a year ago and was shocked at the number of insurance companies that flat out refused to quote me…In contrast, the staff at KennCo were both professional and practical when discussing my situation. I was provided a solution which, although expensive, allowed me to get on with life and work in Ireland. I was pleasantly surprised at the much improved renewal quote I received this year and was happy to sign on for another year.


Just a brief note to say thank you for all the assistance you gave me recently in relation to my daughter’s car. You were most helpful and efficient and we really appreciate the effort you put in dealing with our case.

I wish there were more like minded people out there in companies such as yours.

A O’Neill

Women's Car Insurance FAQ

By law, insurers are not allowed to use a person’s gender as a factor determining insurance premium since 21 December 2012.Before this, females paid less for their insurance because, statistically, they had better safety records. However, the EU found this to be in breach of gender equality.

The European Commission released a statement, “From 21 December 2012, insurance companies in the European Union will have to charge the same price to men and women for the same insurance products, without distinction on the grounds of sex. The change will apply to all new contracts for insurance products, including car insurance, life insurance and annuities.

This ‘unisex’ or gender-neutral pricing means men and women with the same characteristics (e.g. age, state of health depending on the product) should pay the same price for the same product. Pricing will have to be based on other risk factors than sex, such as driving behaviour in the case of car insurance. This means people will no longer have to pay more, or less, simply because of their gender.”

If you were in an accident and the car is written off we will pay you the Market Value of the car at the time of the accident. Please refer to your policy documents for more information as the usual terms and conditions apply.

There are two main cover types for women. They are:

  1. Comprehensive – This plan covers the insured driver against their damages or injuries and any damages or injuries to a third party if you are at fault.
  2. Third-Party Fire & Theft Insurance – This means that if your car is damaged due to a fire or as a result of a theft, you are covered. This plan also covers damage or injury to any third parties due to an accident where you were at fault. Damage to your car is not covered.

Here at KennCo, we are happy to provide you with a quote even if you have a lapse in your women’s car insurance cover. We take your driving abroad into account, so you don’t miss out on any discount if you’re a safe driver. Call us on 014092600 to speak to an agent if you are returning to Ireland.

It includes the following:

  • 24 Hour Roadside Assistance
  • Recovery Service
  • Get-you-to-your-destination Service
  • Home Start

All our breakdown assistance and out of hours numbers are available on the website.

Yes. All women’s car insurance policies include breakdown assistance and Home-Start Cover.

All emergency numbers can be found here.

KennCo Insurance Motor Policies

24-Hour Breakdown Assistance Number:

            01 499 8316

KennCo Motor Policies through Footprint/R&Q/Accredited

24-Hour Breakdown Assistance Number:

Footprint and R&Q: 01 908 9030

Windscreen Repair: 01 908 9030

Women received better quotes because they were safer drivers. Insurance companies still reward safer drivers, so you still benefit from better premiums if you have a clean license and never made a claim. This is not because you’re a woman but because you’re a safe driver.

Yes, you may get a discount on women’s car insurance if you increase your policy excess. Suppose you have an excess of €1,000 and are claiming for €2,000. The insurance settlement you would receive would be €1,000.

Paying for your women’s car insurance, or any insurance, upfront is much cheaper than paying a monthly premium. We do offer a Monthly Payment Plan Available through Finance, but we recommend paying upfront when you can.

If you incur penalty points or convictions, your car insurance cover can increase for both men and women. If you drive safely, sticking to the rules of the road, then you can expect a lower premium.

Several factors are taken into consideration for car insurance quotes, which are:

  • Age
  • The type of car
  • Annual mileage
  • Where you live
  • Any claims, incidents or others.
  • Security devices and modifications on your car.

Yes, windscreen cover is included as standard with all Comprehensive KennCo Women’s car insurance, with an approved repairer.