Van Insurance Ireland: Get a Cheap Van Insurance Quote for 2024

Looking for van insurance or commercial van insurance in Ireland for 2024?

KennCo covers vans up to two tonnes if you’re aged between 21 and 69. KennCo Van Insurance makes it easier for you to keep your van on the road with a reliable cover that suits you. 

Our commercial van insurance is affordable and renowned as being one of the best policies in Ireland. We have thousands of trusted commercial vehicles under our coverage and strive to provide the best van insurance quotations for our present and future customers.

No Claims Bonus for Van Insurance Customers

KennCo takes your driving history into account and rewards you if you have a good driving record. If you have five years or more no claims bonus, you can receive discounts up to as much as 50% on your policy.

If you’d like to keep your no claims bonus in place in the event of an accident, why not include step back protection with your van insurance policy?

Van Insurance Features
  • Serious injury to driver
  • Personal belongings up to €250
  • Replacement locks up to €750
  • Fire brigade charges for up to €1,270
  • Open driving option for drivers 25 to 70 years with a Full Licence


24-Hour Van Breakdown Assistance with Home Start

We understand that when your van breaks down, the sooner you can get it back on the road, the better. With our 24-hour breakdown you can rest assured knowing that you’ll get immediate assistance whether you’re at the driving around the tip of Donegal or the ring of Kerry. But not only do we provide quick and reliable road side assistance, we also provide home start assistance. Unlike other van insurance companies, if your van breaks down at home, we’ll still provide breakdown assistance. We also provide a courtesy vehicle for up to two days.


If you would like also more information regarding our policies you can download a copy of our Van policy booklets here.

Van Insurance Ireland: Get a Cheap Van Insurance Quote for 2024 TESTIMONIALS

Liz, thank you for your fast and efficient service so far and I will contact your company for a quote when my insurance is up for renewal in November.

Cuimin C

Just wanted to make a positive comment on your team especially Steve. He made my life so much easier sorting out insurance for me. All I had to do was answer some questions and pay. Simple and that’s how it should role so a big thank you and applaud where it’s due.



Phillip G.

I would like to thank you for all your help today, it was a pleasure talking to you. I have been ringing around getting quotes for the past 2 weeks now and to actually talk to someone who is not rambling on like a robot and actually willing to listen is a treat. 

I will be recommending KennCo to as many people as possible.


Maureen B


Van insurance provides cover for the van owner for loss or damage to any vehicle. Van Insurance provides you with a sense of security when you have damaged your vehicle. KennCo covers vans up to two tonnes if you’re aged between 21 and 69.

Insurance is a legal requirement for driving in a public place. Driving without van insurance is a serious offence and can result in fines, penalty points, and disqualification from driving.

Failure to have motor insurance or to drive without insurance is punishable by:


  • A fine of up to €5,000

  • Five penalty point

  • At the court’s discretion, a term of imprisonment, no more than six months.


Yes. You can renew your van insurance online by visiting www.kennco.ie/renewal


At KennCo, we take your driving history into account and reward you on your excellent driving record. You can receive a 50% discount on your policy if you have had five years or more no claims bonus.


Yes, if you want to keep your no claims bonus in the event of an accident, we offer step-back protection. Step back protection is where a policyholder protects part of their bonus. For example, where you’re at fault in an accident, instead of losing your full five-year bonus, you only lose two years and ‘step back’ to having three years of no claims bonus.

An excess is an amount you must pay yourself if you claim under your policy. For example, if your excess is €250 and you’re claiming for €3,000, the insurance settlement you would receive would be €2,750.

If you wish to change your policy from a change of van, policy cover, address or other, you can contact us by mail or telephone. The change is not in operation till we have confirmed it with you.


Yes, open driving is available to drivers aged between 25 to 70 years who hold a full license.


We know how challenging it can be when your van breaks down. You may need it for your business, so rest assured we will do everything we can to get it on the road as soon as possible. We offer 24-hour breakdown assistance to all our van insurance customers. You will receive immediate assistance no matter the location. We also provide home start assistance, so if your van breaks down at home, we’ll provide breakdown assistance.


With KennCo Van Insurance, if your van breaks down, we will provide a courtesy vehicle for up to two days so you can keep on working while your van is being repaired. We also cover the costs of a replacement van.

You are within your rights to cancel the policy you have signed up to within 14 days of the date you received the policy documents without giving a reason. You must inform us of this and return the Certificate of Motor Insurance and insurance disc. If you cancel during the “cooling off” period, you will pay a premium for the time you had insurance cover.


A no claim discount (NCD), also known as a no claims bonus, reduces the cost of your van insurance if you don’t make any claim. It is based on the number of consecutive years you have not made any claims under your policy. So if you haven’t claimed in four years, you will have four years of no claim discount applied to the cost of your van insurance.


Yes. All our van insurance policies include breakdown assistance.

It includes the following:


  • 24 Hour Roadside Assistance

  • Home-Start Assitance

  • Replacement Vehicle

Call one of the numbers below if your van breaks down, depending on your location below. Please have the following information ready when you call:

  • Policyholders’ name

  • Policy number or van registration number

  • Make, model and colour of your van

  • Location of breakdown

  • Contact phone number


We will then send one of our approved agents to your location as soon as possible. Breakdown Assistance only covers repair works from any of our approved agencies.

KennCo Insurance Motor Policies

24-Hour Breakdown Assistance Number:

01 499 8316


KennCo Motor Policies through Footprint/R&Q/Accredited 

24-Hour Breakdown Assistance Number:


Footprint and R&Q: 01 908 9030

Windscreen Repair: 01 908 9030

Yes. You can change your van at any time during your policy. It must have a valid NCT deeming it roadworthy. 

If you are changing your van during your current policy, call 01 409 2600 to speak to a customer service agent who can help you.

You should inform the National Driver License Service (NDLS) of any conditions you have which may impair your ability to drive. You may then be required to submit a medical report which a medical practitioner would complete.

When you’ve been in an accident, take the following steps:


  • Notify the Gardaí immediately.

  • Note the insurance details of the third party involved.

  • Note the names, addresses and phone numbers of any witnesses.

  • Take note of any details such as registration number, van model, speed zone, time of day and more. 

  • Take photos if it is safe to do so.

  • Don’t admit liability.

  • Contact KennCo’s claim number 0818 25 20 25.


Ring KennCo as soon as you can to inform them of the accident, even if you are not at fault. By telling us early, you will provide accurate information regarding the accident while you have a clear memory of what happened. You can make claims years after an accident has occurred, so it is better to have the details on record as early as possible. KennCo’s claim number is 0818 25 20 25.


Yes, personal belongings up to €250 are covered.

KennCo Insurance offers cheap van insurance to drivers in Ireland. We cover vans up to two tonnes if you are aged between 21 and 69. 

We reward van drivers based on their safe driving instead of their gender. For this reason, we can provide cheap van insurance to both our men and women customers. If you stay safe on the road, we will reward you.


Your KennCo Insurance policy provides you with all cover you will need and at a great price too! We’ve included many extra features as standard, including 24-hour breakdown assistance with home start. 

Finding The Right Insurance Policy

Finding the right van insurance can be difficult, but we help you find the right policy at an affordable price. We have a dedicated customer service team ready to give you a reasonable quote and answer any questions you may have. Get a secure quote today online. Read more

How to Get Cheaper Van Insurance

We know van insurance in Ireland can be costly, so we can help with getting you the best policy and quote. We understand the importance of van drivers to businesses around the country. We do our best to provide a low-cost van insurance quote to our customers. 

No Claims Bonus For Van

Here at KennCo, we take your driving history into account to reward you for a good driving record. You can receive a much cheaper van insurance quote if you have a no claims bonus of 5 years or more. With a long no-claims bonus you could earn a discount of up to 50%, we know that’s a lot, right! 

If you’d like to protect your no claims bonus in the event of an accident with your van, then you can include step back protection with your van insurance policy. Step Back Protection is where the van driver holds a part of their no claims bonus. For example, where you’re at fault in an accident, instead of losing your full five-year bonus, you only lose two years and ‘step back’ to having three years no claims bonus.

Van Insurance Benefits

There are several benefits to signing up with KennCo for van insurance. We provide 24-hour van breakdown assistance. We know how crucial your van is to you if you’re using it for business. That’s why we provide our van drivers with breakdown assistance no matter the time or the location. If your van breaks down at home, we still provide you with breakdown assistance. If your van is out of action, you may feel worried about your business. No need to panic because we also provide a courtesy vehicle for you to use for up to two days. 

If you need to hire a replacement van while your van is being fixed, we can cover the costs of renting a replacement van.

If you are seriously injured due to an accident in your van, we will cover the costs associated with the accident. 

We also offer an open driving option to drivers from ages 25 to 70 years with a full license.

Take a look at our fantastic benefits on our Van Insurance page. Here you will find out more info about getting a quote.

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