Essential Tips for Buying Travel Insurance

Posted on November 23, 2023

Travel insurance isn’t just a mere item on your travel checklist. It’s a vital part of your travel preparations that can make your trip abroad smooth and worry-free. It’s like your safety net in case of unexpected circumstances. We cover some essential tips for the next time you buy travel insurance. 

Why is Travel Insurance Necessary?

Imagine yourself on a trip abroad, eager to experience the vibrant culture, lush surroundings, and ancient sites. However, what if your luggage is lost? Or even worse, what if you require immediate medical attention?

These circumstances could easily transform your ideal vacation into a stressful nightmare if you don’t have travel insurance. Travel insurance is, therefore, not a luxury but rather a requirement.

Essential Travel Insurance Tips

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To ensure you are well-prepared for your adventure, here are some essential tips to know before you buy travel insurance.

Understanding Policy Coverage

Comprehensive Coverage

Select a policy that provides comprehensive coverage while making your decision. Trip cancellations, lost luggage, and medical crises should all be covered. While you enjoy your adventure, a comprehensive policy gives you peace of mind by offering a canopy of protection.

Specific Event Coverage

Take into account your planned activities. If your itinerary includes adventurous pursuits like rock climbing, horse riding, or even cycling around scenic routes, ensure these are included in your coverage. The last thing you want is a policy that doesn’t cover your planned activities.

Evaluating Policy Exclusions

Every policy has its own set of exclusions. It’s crucial to understand what is not covered before you buy travel insurance. For instance, some policies may not cover injuries sustained from high-risk activities or pre-existing health conditions. Knowing these exclusions can help you make an informed decision and avoid disappointments later.

Reading the Fine Print

It’s not enough to skim through your policy. A thorough read is necessary to understand its intricacies. Make sure you meticulously comb through the fine print to avoid unpleasant surprises later.

Checking for Repatriation

It’s important that your policy includes repatriation coverage. This means that the insurance will cover your return to your home country in the unfortunate event of severe illness or accident. This is particularly crucial if you are travelling solo or visiting remote areas.

Ensuring Adequate Medical Coverage

Foreign medical expenses can add up rapidly, making even a minor mishap financially burdensome. As a result, be sure your travel insurance policy has comprehensive medical coverage. This should pay for hospital expenses, outpatient care, and emergency evacuation.

Shopping for Travel Insurance

Comparing Insurance Providers

You may wonder what to look for in a travel insurance provider. Well, here are a few aspects to take a look at:


It shouldn’t be the sole determinant. Don’t just opt for the cheapest policy you can find. Instead, evaluate what you’re getting for the price. Remember, an initially expensive policy might be more cost-effective in the long run if it provides extensive coverage.

Reviews and Ratings

Check the reviews and ratings of potential providers before choosing one. You can learn more about their dependability, customer support, and claims procedure from there. To receive a fair perspective, consider both favourable and negative evaluations.

Understanding Different Types of Policies

Single Trip Policies

These are ideal if you’re planning a one-off trip abroad. As the name suggests, these policies cover a single trip, usually up to a specified number of days.

Multi-Trip Policies

If you travel frequently or plan to visit a location multiple times within a year, a multi-trip policy could be more economical. This policy covers multiple trips within a year, with each trip typically capped at a certain number of days.

Choosing the Right Policy for You

Every traveller has different insurance requirements, as do they. Your travel insurance should be customised to your unique needs. To select the best policy, review your situation, consider your activities, assess the contents and exclusions of the policy, and compare the cost to the level of coverage offered.

Don’t hesitate to ask the provider questions if you’re unsure about anything. It’s better to clarify doubts before purchasing the policy rather than regretting later.

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What type of travel insurance is best?

A comprehensive policy that covers trip cancellation, lost luggage, medical emergencies, and repatriation is typically ideal. However, the “best” policy will vary depending on your requirements and route.

How much does travel insurance cost?

The cost of travel insurance varies based on several factors, such as the coverage amount, age, duration of your trip, and any additional coverage you opt for. It’s best to compare quotes from different providers and fully understand the cost before you buy travel insurance.

Does travel insurance cover flight cancellations?

Yes, most travel insurance policies cover flight cancellations, provided the reason for cancellation is included in your policy. Common covered reasons include serious illness or injury, death of a close relative, or severe weather conditions.

What should I do if I fall ill on holiday?

If you get sick while on holiday, consult a doctor right away. Let your travel insurance company know about the circumstance as soon as possible. According to your policy, they can aid with medical expenditures and walk you through the procedure.

Are pre-existing conditions covered in travel insurance?

Pre-existing condition coverage varies by policy. While some insurance might provide coverage, others might not. When acquiring your policy, be honest about any pre-existing conditions you may have and make sure they are covered.

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