Understanding Named Driver Experience: Benefits & Implications

Posted on August 18, 2023

When you’re a learner driver, you may be driving on your parent’s or partner’s policy for a while before you get your own. You’ve probably heard the phrase “named driver experience”. But do you know what it is? And is it a good thing to have? We aim to give you an explanation of what it is in this post.

If you have named driver experience, your name appeared on a car insurance policy. You must hold a minimum of a provisional license to get car insurance. Your time on this policy adds to your named driver experience. Named driver experience can also be considered when looking for a no-claims discount. You will earn a discount on that policy for your claims-free year(s). It gives your insurer an idea of your driving ability. They will be able to calculate your premium based on this correctly.

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It is always good to have named driver experience under your belt.

A named driver has insurance to drive the vehicle on which someone else, i.e. a parent, is the main policyholder. There are no restrictions on who can add you as an additional driver; it doesn’t have to be family. 

It is great to be added as a named driver to a policy when you’re learning to drive. Their insurance will cover driving the car legally, and you are protected, which gives you peace of mind. 

It is essential to practice driving in between lessons, so it is great to have the option to be a named driver. You can add anybody over 17 to an insurance policy once they are not the main policyholder and hold either a valid driving license or a learner’s permit. 

Named Driving experience documentation is not issued automatically, and you must request this from each insurer you were with. If you were a named driver on multiple policies, you must have documents to prove this from each insurer. 

Benefits of Named Driver Experience

  1. Discounts: Having named driver experience can lead to discounts on your insurance premium, especially if you’ve had a claims-free year.
  2. Flexibility: Being a named driver allows you to drive a vehicle without being the primary policyholder, offering flexibility for learners or those without their own cars.
  3. Building Experience: Even as a named driver, you’re accumulating driving experience, which can be beneficial when you decide to get your own policy.

Named Driver Measured

Named driving is measured in months and years, similar to a no-claims bonus. It lets your insurer know you are a safe driver, lowering the insurance premium.

You will earn a discount for a year of claims free as a named driver up to a limit of five years. It must be a consecutive driving experience and no gaps in the cover. The end date of your named driving policy should coincide with the start of your new policy. Unlike some other insurers, KennCo Insurance will evaluate all your driving experience, so be sure to contact us when you are looking for a quote.

Open Driving Policy

Open driving does not count towards named driving experience. Open driving can be helpful if you have a busy house, but it does not count as named driving experience. KennCo does not offer open driving on Car Insurance policies currently.

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