Checklist for Driving Safely During the Summer

Posted on June 18, 2019

Where was the leaving certificate weather? We have all had to go through this ritualistic rite of passage of the scorching weather during the leaving certificate exams…it seems unfair that this year we are still experiencing rain and cold in June. However, we will stay positive and wait impatiently for a well overdue heatwave. Keep the fingers crossed and check Met Éireann!

As the sun does make an appearance some early mornings and late evenings, here’s some tips for safe driving during the summer months. Longer evenings and more adventurous weekends mean that your car could be experiencing more use in summer months.

Safe driving during the summer months

1. Windscreen and Wipers

Keeping your windscreen clean and clear is the number one thing for visibility. Check your water fluid levels, especially if you are driving in the city, dust and dirt can build up on your windscreen and even block the spray ducts on your car. Worn wipers should be replaced as soon as possible on both front and back of your car.

2.Check indicator lights

Indicators and all other lights should be checked before long journeys and monitored throughout the year. Keep some replacement bulbs at home to change when you need them.

3. Check your Tyres

Check for worn or damaged tyres that may be cause for concern should there be a change in weather temperatures. Increased temperature can increase the risk of a blowout. It is also important to check the ideal pressure of your tyres by checking your manufacturer’s manual outlining recommendations based on time of year and car load.

4. Pack a breakdown kit

You can easily put together an emergency breakdown kit in case of emergency on the road. Include items like a torch and power bank and keep it in your car boot for when you need it. See our blog on the full list of what we recommend adding to your emergency breakdown car kit.

5. Driving while tired

If you are tired while driving, it is recommended to take a 15 minute nap in a safe place or have some strong coffee during your break.

6. Use a Sat Nav or bring a co-pilot

A Sat Nav that gives good audio instructions will keep you alert and on the correct path if you are travelling on unfamiliar roads. Drive carefully and stay alert if you are driving new routes. If you are travelling with someone who can act as co-pilot they can give you the directions as you go along…two sets of eyes are always better than one.

7. Don’t drink and drive

We all know the implications of drinking and driving by now, so don’t do it. Be sure to leave enough time between your last drink and when you are planning to drive a vehicle the next day. If you think you have overdone it, take extra time before you are safe to drive or get a lift.

8. Stay vigilant of road users

Road users will increase during the summer months. People are more likely to take the bicycles out or walk or run outside. Motorbike use will increase as the weather gets better during the year and in the summer. Be aware of your blind spots when driving and be vigilant of other road users.

9. Put the phone away

Stay safe and keep the phone out of sight when driving. It is a big distraction while driving, even if you do not intend to use it. If you are expecting a call or need to be able to take calls during your journeys, a hands-free kit can come relatively cheap and reasonable for a decent option.

10. Know you emergency number

You are 2 hours’ drive from home and you have a breakdown in the middle of nowhere. Your phone has no 4G so you can’t access your emails or check online for your emergency breakdown assistance number included on your policy. What do you do? Go walking until you get internet access? This is not always possible depending on the circumstances and time of day/night it is.

We advise all our customers to save our emergency breakdown assistance numbers to their phones in case of emergency. Having these numbers saved to your phone keeps an already inconvenient situation a bit easier.

All emergency numbers for KennCo customers can be found on the contact us page. We provide 24-hour breakdown assistance on motor policies and provide windscreen repair if you need to avail of this service.  

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