Can Someone Else Bring My Car for the NCT?

Posted on November 15, 2023

The National Car Test (NCT) is a mandatory vehicle test in Ireland that verifies that a car is drivable and meets the required safety and emission standards. This test is compulsory for all privately owned vehicles of 4 or more vehicles and should be repeated periodically depending on the age of the vehicle. Sometimes you may be unable to bring your car for its NCT, so you may wonder if someone else can bring it. We answer this and much more in our article. 

Importance of the NCT

The NCT is crucial in maintaining the safety of Irish roads and reducing the likelihood of accidents caused by faulty vehicles. The inspection process checks various car components, such as the brakes, tyres, lights, and emissions, ensuring they meet the required standards.

Preparing Your Car for the NCT

Before bringing your car to the NCT, ensure it’s in good working order. Check all fluids, lights, and tyre pressure, and no visible defects. We also recommend getting a car service by a professional to identify and fix any potential issues.

Can You Delegate the Task of Bringing Your Car for NCT?

NCT Requirements for Vehicle Owners

To have your car tested, you must present your Vehicle Registration Certificate (VRC) or Vehicle Licensing Certificate (VLC) and a valid form of identification. The vehicle’s owner is not explicitly required to be present at the test.

Someone Else Driving Car

Authorising Someone Else to Bring Your Car

You can authorise someone else to bring your car for the NCT on your behalf. To do this, you must provide the person with the necessary documentation and ensure they are trustworthy. Having a family member or a friend take your car for the NCT in your place is a good idea.

Providing Documentation

Ensure the authorised person has the original VRC or VLC for your car and their own identification. It’s a good idea to provide a written authorisation letter stating that you permit the individual to bring your vehicle for the NCT.

Selecting a Trustworthy Individual

Choosing someone you trust to bring your car for the NCT is crucial. This person will handle your vehicle and any potential issues during the inspection.

The NCT Process for Authorised Representatives

Arriving at the NCT Centre

The authorised person should arrive with the necessary documents at the scheduled appointment at the NCT centre. They will need to present these documents to the NCT staff upon arrival.

During the Test

While the test is being conducted, the authorised representative can wait in the designated area. They are not required to be present during the actual inspection but should remain at the centre to collect the results and address any issues.

Collecting the Results

Once testing is complete, authorised personnel receive an NCT certificate and a report detailing potential issues. Forward this information as soon as possible so that appropriate action can be taken if necessary.  

Possible Issues and Their Solutions

Lost or Misplaced Documents

If an authorised representative loses or misplaces any NCT-required documents, it must be reported to the relevant authorities immediately. You must also notify the NCT Center and reschedule your test if necessary. 

Car Fails the NCT

If your car fails the NCT, your authorised representative will receive a ‘Fail’ report detailing the reasons for the failure. You will need to address these issues and have the car retested within 21 to 30 days, depending on the severity of the problems identified.

Dealing with a Failed Test

Working closely with your authorised representative and a trusted mechanic is essential to resolve any issues that led to the failed test. Ensure you retest within the limited timeframe to avoid penalties or fines.

Post-Test Actions

Informing Your Insurance Provider

Next on the agenda is to inform your car insurance provider about your successful NCT test. This isn’t just a formality; it’s a smart move. A recent NCT pass can sometimes influence your insurance policy positively, indicating to the company that your car is in tip-top condition, which might help you snag better terms on your policy.

Updating Vehicle Records

Lastly, don’t forget to update your vehicle’s records to reflect the recent NCT success. Keeping your vehicle’s records current is essential and beneficial, helping maintain a well-documented history of your car’s condition. This detailed record can be a strong selling point if you decide to put your car on the market in the future.

Final Thoughts

Remember, these steps are not just bureaucratic hurdles but vital actions to maintain your car’s good standing and potentially enhance its value and safety on the road. So, once the NCT is behind you, invest a little time to wrap up these tasks, securing peace of mind and a well-maintained vehicle ready to hit the road with confidence.


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