Best Cars For First time Drivers in 2023

Posted on January 3, 2023

Buying carPurchasing your first car is an exciting moment in your life. You’ve done all your lessons and passed your test, so it’s finally time to get your own car. As exciting as it can be, it can also be costly. As a first-time driver, you are more than likely a young driver who may not have lots of money. We were all that age once. You want something cheap to insure for your first car, safe and easy to drive. Below are some recommendations on cars to buy in 2022 for first-time drivers.

Buying a New vs Old car

We would all love our first car to be a brand new car, but we don’t all have this luxury. When buying a new car, you will get a long manufacturer’s warranty on it should anything go wrong with your car. But you need to realise the moment you drive that car out of the dealership, it decreases in value. Buying second-hand is usually a great place to start if you’re a first-time driver. There are some risks associated with buying second-hand cars from a private seller. Buying from a dealership is a much safer option, and you will get some protection. Most dealerships will offer a period of warranty with a car, dependent on the age of the car, in case any small issues arise in the first few months.

We have a dedicated blog on buying your first car, which goes through all the different factors you should consider to lower the price. 

Where To Buy Cars Online

Buying cars online


There are several online platforms where you can view cars to purchase from private sellers and dealerships. These are a few which our customers have used:



Carzone: Carzone is one of the most popular websites to buy cars with thousands to choose from. You can even filter searches between new and used cars if you have decided which to choose. 

Carstore.ie: This website is run by Kearys Motor Group. They have over 700 used cars on display on their website. All their cars are listed with full details. All cars come with a full history check so that you have peace of mind buying your new car.

Cars.ie: This site has over 41,000 new and used cars around the country. They are primarily from dealerships, so you will have buyer protection from them. 

How To Purchase a Car Online

As you can see above, there are some great websites to look at cars to purchase online. When looking for a car, you should know the following:

  • Minimum/ Max year you would purchase
  • The minimum/maximum price you’d pay (your budget)
  • The Body Type
  • The make and model (if you have a car in mind)

Once you know these details, you can input them into your filters to get a more refined search. The website will tailor the search results to your liking.

Once you find a car you’re interested in, email the dealer for more information. 

The best first cars for new drivers in 2023

Here we have found some excellent cars for first-time drivers. 

Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta is a fantastic car to drive. It’s very roomy and features many gadgets if you’re purchasing the new model, such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. 

The steering on the Fiesta feels great and offers plenty of grip. The Fiesta will give you great performance and cheap running costs, which is brilliant for first-time drivers. 

Toyota Yaris

Toyota YarisThe Toyota Yaris has always been a popular car for first-time drivers. They are an affordable car and feature exceptional fuel efficiency getting you further, meaning fewer stops and less fuel to purchase. 

Safety tech is excellent on the Yaris. There are numerous safety features such as a low-speed pre-collision system, advanced airbag system and a tyre pressure monitoring system. 

There are many tech features on the newer Yaris models, such as a 7″ touchscreen interface for audio and Bluetooth connectivity with your phone.

Volkswagen Up! Volkswagen Up

The Volkswagen Up! offers young drivers the perfect first car. It offers phone connectivity, a brilliant three-cylinder engine, and is easy to drive. If you’re a nervous driver, the Volkswagen Up will have you oozing in confidence in no time. 

The Volkswagen Up! is a brilliant city car for short commutes and has a small engine meaning it won’t break the bank to get insured on it.


The Hyundai i10 is a reliable and roomy car that will help build confidence for all first-time drivers. The i10 feels great to drive at high speeds and is easy to handle, even for nervous drivers. 

You get plenty for your money, too, with a Hyundai i10. It features electric windows, air conditioning, and a radio with Bluetooth connectivity. There is also a 7″ touchscreen interface with a sat-nav to help you navigate the new roads. If you purchase it new, you will be able to avail of Hyundai’s five-year warranty. 

KennCo specialises in young driver car insurance so be sure to get a quote online or call our agents on 014092600 for a quote over the phone. Purchase online 24/7 with payment options available. 

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