Working from Home Tips

Posted on April 14, 2020

To However long you may be working from home, maybe you are finding it hard to keep yourself motivated, and maybe it’s tough for you to find a spot in your home that suits you getting work done. We have a few tips for you to embrace and use, you never know some might work really well for you.

  1. Keep to your normal routine

For anyone with kids or other people in the household working from home, it can be hard to keep your normal routine in place. Even if you are getting up slightly later as you no longer have a commute or have to drop kids to school or crèche facilities, make sure you get up with enough time to do your daily routine. You could get washed up, get dressed, have your breakfast and prep to tackle the day as you normally would.

  1. Have a workspace dedicated to you

Whether you have an office space or not at home you should designate an area for you to do your work. Keep your work related items here, ensure it’s comfortable and has access to power and Wi-Fi. Some office supply shops are still offering a delivery option for home office essentials such as desks and chairs. Maybe it’s time to try a standing desk and see what all the hype is about?

  1. Stay in contact with your team at work

Keeping in contact with your team or other colleagues will create some normality to your work day or week. Some teams will need to have a daily catch up and some may only need a weekly one. Make a suggestion to have regular catch up and set that time aside. Your IT department may have a preferred solution in place but some good ones top start with are Google hangouts, Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

  1. Take your normal breaks

Don’t change your daily routine where possible. If you take lunch between 1pm – 2pm, continue to do so. Maybe you have a coffee break in the mornings, keep it and make and enjoy your coffee as you normally would. This is essential to keeping your mental health in good shape.

  1. Use the time to catch up on some tasks

All of us have some tasks that just keep getting put to the end of our list. Now you may have time to catch up and clear your task list. Less of the daily distractions at work will free up some time for you to tackle these.

  1. Work your normal hours

Although it might be tempting to just check that email you sent off when you finished up your work today for a response, you still need to relax and take time to yourself. Keep your free time, free. Working form home does not need to mean you are always logged on.

  1. Get some fresh air

Take a walk at lunchtime if you can or have your lunch outside. This will refresh you for the remainder of your work day.

Working from home will be new and unknown for many people but if you find the way that suits you best you will adapt and get into a flow in no time. Keep active, get fresh air and keep in contact with your colleagues.

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