What is Car Insurance Fronting?

Posted on August 16, 2023

Car Insurance Fronting occurs when the main driver of a car declares someone else as the main driver (usually a parent) to reduce the cost of their insurance premium. 

Fronting is illegal and can result in cancelling your car insurance policy or a fraud conviction.

Why Do Drivers Front?

New or young drivers usually commit fronting because they traditionally pay higher car insurance premiums. 

Young drivers are considered a higher risk, which results in higher car insurance premiums. 

Due to this increase, some young drivers try to reduce their insurance premiums by setting up an insurance policy in an older, low-risk driver’s name and adding themselves as a named driver. Sometimes, they may not even realize what they are doing is fraudulent. 

car insurance fronting
Fronting Illegal

Why is Fronting Illegal?

Car insurance premiums are calculated based on the driver’s risk of claiming the future. The higher the risk of a claim, the higher the premium is. Insurance companies take many different factors into account when calculating a premium. For example, if a driver has had no claims for more than 5 years, KennCo reduces their premium by up to 64%. Their chances of claiming are much lower based on their driving history. 

Therefore when a driver with more experience pretends that they are the main driver to reduce the cost when the main driver is a high-risk candidate, the policy premium is not a true reflection of the risk involved. 

What Happens If Drivers Front?

It may be tempting to risk fronting if you receive high insurance quotes. However, it isn’t worth it in the long run. Fronting may void your car insurance, meaning that your insurer may not pay for any damage to your car if you make a claim. As well as being left to foot the bill in case of a claim, you may also be charged with insurance fraud. Having a criminal conviction can also hurt the price of your car insurance in the future. So the potential savings are not worth the risk. 

Fronting Void

The Psychology Behind Fronting

Many young drivers, eager to hit the road but deterred by high insurance premiums, might consider fronting as a solution. However, it’s crucial to recognise the long-term implications of such a decision:

  • Immediate Savings vs. Long-Term Costs: While fronting might offer immediate savings, the long-term costs, both financially and legally, can be substantial.
  • The Role of Peer Pressure: Sometimes, young drivers might consider fronting because they know someone who’s done it or because they feel it’s the only way to afford driving. It’s essential to resist such pressures and make informed decisions.

Car Insurance Fronting FAQ

How Can Younger Drivers Get Cheaper Insurance?

Before you buy your first car, it may be worth considering your car model’s impact on your car insurance. We’ve compiled a list of cars that are cheaper to insure here

KennCo also takes into account any named driving experience you may have. 

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