What To Do If You Lose Your Car Keys

Posted on July 26, 2022

It can be frustrating when you’re in a rush to work and suddenly realise you can’t find your keys. You probably have the house torn apart looking for them. We’ve all been there. It can become more serious when you know they’re lost, and you have no way of driving your car.

You may be wondering who has them, or were they stolen? It will be even more frustrating because now you can’t drive to work. 

Don’t worry. Help is here. We will give you information on what to do next and how to get back on the road quickly. 

How To Get a Replacement Key

If you still can’t find your key, then you’re going to need a replacement key. You have two options to choose from for getting a replacement key. You can either go to a locksmith who deals with vehicles or go to your car dealers.

There are plenty of specialist car locksmiths around the country, and they can create a replacement key in a few minutes. It is often the cheapest option, although prices can vary depending on the car and the complexity of the key. 

New Car Keys

You also have the option of going to your car dealer. They are the best source of information on your vehicle. While it may be expensive, they will do everything to help you get back on the road fast. 

What Are The Types of Car Keys?

You may be surprised, but there is a wide range of keys used. The price you pay will depend on what type of key you need to be replaced. 

Traditional Car Key: This is the most basic key. It is a small metal rod. It’s very cost-effective because of the quick turnaround time. 

Car Key Fob: These keys are actually quite inexpensive to replace. There’s no specialist equipment needed to reprogram these fobs. 

Switchblade Key: They compare the features of a traditional and fob key. They are more expensive because they combine the two features. 

Transponder Key: They are brilliant anti-theft devices. An internal computer chip allows the car to start. It is a pretty complex piece of tech, and you’ll pay over €100. 

Smart Key: This key works remotely. It’s like something from the future. When your car is within range, all you need to do is press a button on your car to start the engine. You’re looking at over €150 to replace this snazzy key.

Car Key Types

Stolen Keys

If you believe your keys were stolen, then you may need to do more than just replace the car key. You will also have to look at replacing the door and boot locks and other essential car parts to ensure your car’s safety. 

You can see how much hassle and money a stolen key can cost you. We have come up with a few tips for our customers on how to avoid losing your keys and keep them safe from thieves. 

Stolen Car Keys

Tips on How To Avoid Losing Your Car Keys

There are some simple steps to take to reduce the headache that is losing your car keys. We also include some preventative measures you can take so your keys can’t be stolen.

Store in a secure spot

You should always have a safe place to store your car keys. When you’re at home, keep them in a safe place out of sight from people outside. When you’re out and about, store them in a safe compartment in your bag. You are more likely to notice they’re missing when you store them in the same location every day rather than putting them on the kitchen table or the counter. 

Get a tracker

There are a number of trackers available that can attach to your keys. They can help you locate your keys if they’re missing. Some great tracking products for car keys are Tile, AirTag and SmartTag.

Have a spare set

You may think, well, getting a spare set won’t prevent me from losing a key? That is correct, but it will save you the headache of not being able to drive until you find your get or get a replacement one. 

Here at KennCo Insurance, we cover the loss of keys, which is one of the many benefits of joining us for your car insurance needs. Get a secure online car insurance quote today or call us today on 01 409 2600.


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