What Is Eco Driving and How It Can Save You Money

Posted on April 4, 2023

Eco-driving is an approach to driving that emphasises fuel efficiency and the reduction of emissions while driving. Increased fuel costs and awareness of the impact of carbon emissions have turned Irish drivers to eco-driving. You may have heard of the phrase before, but you may still be wondering what eco-driving is. We explore this topic and why it’s becoming an increasingly popular driving style.


The concept of eco-driving is based on the idea that simple changes in driving habits can save fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. The primary goal of eco-driving is to maximise the efficiency of the car’s engine and minimise unnecessary fuel consumption. 

By following eco-driving practices, drivers can contribute to reducing Ireland’s carbon footprint while also saving money on fuel costs.

Eco-Driving Tips

Here are some eco-driving tips that are particularly suitable for Irish drivers:

Plan your route: Before setting out on a journey, plan your route to avoid congestion and heavy traffic. Heavy traffic can cause your car to consume more fuel and emit more pollutants.

Use cruise control: Using cruise control when driving on the motorway can help you maintain a steady speed and reduce fuel consumption.

Maintain your car: Regular car maintenance can help ensure that your car is running efficiently and using less fuel. This includes keeping your tyres inflated, getting regular oil changes, and ensuring that your car is serviced regularly.

Avoid unnecessary weight: Carrying excessive weight in your car can increase fuel consumption. Therefore, remove any heavy items you don’t need from your car.

Drive smoothly: Avoid sudden acceleration and braking when driving. Sudden speed changes can cause your car to consume more fuel and emit more pollutants.

Eco-driving has several benefits beyond the reduction of emissions and fuel costs. Many Irish car insurance companies are starting to recognise the benefits of eco-driving and offer discounts on car insurance premiums for drivers who practice eco-driving. 

In addition, eco-driving can also extend the life of your car and reduce maintenance costs, as well as help you to develop a safer and more efficient driving style.


In conclusion, eco-driving is an excellent way for Irish drivers to reduce their carbon footprint, save money on fuel costs, and even receive discounts on car insurance premiums. By following the simple eco-driving tips mentioned above, Irish drivers can contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable environment while also enjoying the financial benefits of eco-driving.

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