Should You Buy a Tesla?

Posted on November 6, 2023

Should You Buy a Tesla?

If you’re a petrol or diesel enthusiast, then you may not have a soft spot for electric cars. But you have to say their rise to the top of the EV market has been impressive. The first car Tesla produced was the Model S in 2013. The Model 3 became the world’s best selling EV. 

Tesla is known both for its fuel efficiency and futuristic tech. They also have an unrivalled safety rating making them one of the safest cars on the market. EVs are becoming increasingly popular, and Tesla is leading the way in electric vehicle development.  

Should You Buy a Tesla?

That is the question being asked time and time again. We have created this article to educate you on your decision to buy a Tesla or not. We break it down into topics like safety ratings, price, and much more. 

How Much Do Teslas Cost Today?

Teslas vary in price between each model. The current Tesla lineup consists of four models: the Model S, Model X, Model Y, and Model 3. And yes, they sound more like the latest iPhone than a model of a car. The cost seems to fluctuate with Tesla due to supply and demand for the vehicles. 

Currently, the Model 3 ranges from around €49,000 for the Standard model, whereas the Longe range version will set you back a cool €59,000. It is one of Ireland’s best selling electric cars alongside the Volkswagen ID.3 and I.D4.  

Do Teslas Save on Fuel?

So we can see from the pricepoint that Teslas are expensive but do they actually save you money too? The answer would be yes. You’ll expect to save hundreds up to over a thousand Euro on fuel by switching to a Tesla where you will charge your car instead of fueling it. Of course, there are still costs with electricity, but it’s far less. 

Performance of Teslas

super tesla performance

Teslas are known for their superior performance at a reasonable price for what you’re getting. Not all Teslas are the same, and features will vary between Tesla Models. The newer Tesla Model 3 excites a lot of car enthusiasts around the world. 

Tesla has some exciting features such as “track mode”. Track mode allows the car to perform like a race car. It’s a brilliant feature for those who want a thrill.

Safety Features of Teslas 

Tesla has an autopilot function that drives the car itself without any human input. It was proven to reduce car crash rates by 40%. It is a fantastic piece of technology to improve the safety of Tesla cars.

They have also received 5 Star Ratings from many safety bodies, especially for front crash prevention. On the downside, the Model 3 was called out for its poor braking, so it hasn’t been all smooth sailing. 

How Much Does it Cost to Insure a Tesla?

There’s no set price on how much a Tesla will cost to insure, but they can be more expensive to insure than other cars. Usually, the higher a vehicle costs, the more expensive it will cost to insure it. EVs such as Tesla tend to have pricier parts and repair costs, leading to a higher insurance premium. 

Your insurance premium will also depend on other factors:

  • The Tesla model you chose
  • Driving History 
  • Coverage you chose 
  • & Much more 

Charging Teslas in Ireland

Tesla currently has five supercharging points for Tesla owners. Superchargers are a great way to charge your Tesla. Plug it in, and it will charge automatically. Using the Tesla app, you can monitor the charge status of your Tesla and get notified when you’re ready to hit the road again. 

You can also charge your Tesla at any one of the 1,350 charging points across the country. To view your nearest charging point check the ESB Charge point Map. 

Environmental Impact

Teslas are fully electric, and if you want to reduce your carbon footprint, it’s a great purchase. They have a huge impact on the environment by reducing emissions, leading to better air quality.

Good Looking Car

There’s no denying that Teslas are a beautiful looking car. They look modern and sleek. They are stylish and bring cars into the next decade. 

Tesla Insurance

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