Replace a Lost Driving Licence Ireland

Posted on March 28, 2024

It can be very frustrating to lose a driving licence in Ireland. You’re probably up the walls searching your house and any place you think you’ve lost it. They can be misplaced easily, and it can be a hassle to replace them, but we are here to help guide you through the process if you lose a driving licence in Ireland. Eventually, it will come to the stage where there is no finding your licence, so it’s time to get a replacement. 

How to Get a Replacement Driving Licence  

Similar to a driving licence renewal, to get a replacement driving licence, you can either apply online, or you can in person at your local National Driving Licence Service (NDLS) using a D401 form. You’ll find the process for both methods outlined below.

Online Application:

For a quick and efficient process, you can apply for your replacement driving licence online. This eliminates the need for paper forms, appointments, or in-person visits to the NDLS centre.

To apply online, you must ensure you have a Public Services Card and a verified MyGovID. If your current address differs from the one on your lost or stolen licence, provide proof of your new address dated within the last six months.

We recommend getting a PSC as it makes the process of getting a first-time and replacement driving licence much easier. It is used to confirm:

  • Your PPS number 
  • Your address
  • Your Identity 
  • Your Residency Status

Additionally, if there has been a change in your medical condition since your last application, a fully completed medical report form, dated within one month, is required.

Lastly, you need to pay your application fee. The fee for online applications is €35, payable via credit or debit card.

In-Person Application:

If you prefer or need to apply for a replacement driving licence in-person, you need to start by booking an appointment at any of the 34 NDLS centres nationwide. To find your nearest NDLS centre check their website here

When you head to the NDLS centre, you must have documents to confirm both your address and identity. You will also need proof of your personal public service number (PPS). You can do this with a Health Insurance Card, Passport or using a public services card (PSC).

Many drivers may not have a PSC, so you will need a few more documents. You will need the following documents:

  • Passport – Photographic identification
  • Utility Bill/ Bank Statement – Evidence of address
  • Passports/ Birth Cert – Residency Status
  • Payslip/P45/P60 – PPS Number

Along with those documents, you’ll need a completed D401 form. You can get one of these forms from your local Garda station. This application will then need to be signed or stamped by a Garda to confirm your lost driving licence. 

You may need a medical report if:

  • You are applying for a new driving licence that comes under the categories C, C1, D, D1, CE, C1E, DE or D1E
  • You will be 70 years old or older on the start date of your new licence
  • You have any disabilities that need to be disclosed.

If any of the above apply, you must book an appointment with a medical professional. They will carry out an examination and complete a form with you. Read more about medical reports.

Once you are signed, stamped and have all your documents, you can head to your nearest NDLS centre to complete the application and submit for a replacement driving licence. 

Replacement Fees

To get a replacement driving licence or learner’s permit is €35. 

Lost Driving Licence Ireland FAQs

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