How To Pet Proof Your Home

Posted on March 10, 2023

Pet Proof Your Home to Keep Your House Clean and Your Pet Safe

If you’re welcoming a new pet into your home, it’s important that you take the necessary steps to pet-proof your home before they arrive. As you can expect, some pets require more home proofing than others. Unsurprisingly, bringing home a new goldfish, for example, shouldn’t require as half as much preparation compared to a new puppy. Today we’re going to focus on the most two common house pets; cats and dogs. dog at home

Lock cabinets and cupboards 

Prevent your pets from eating or drinking cleaning chemicals, medicines or the incorrect foods by ensuring that your cupboards are locked shut. You can add child safety locks to prevent your pets from open cabinets when you’re not around, if necessary. 

Keep food out of reach

No matter how well trained your dog or cat is, it’s better not to temp them by leaving food out within their reach. Dogs and cats can easily jump up on counters and tables if they’re feeling peckish. 

Get a lid for your bin

Dogs are often tempted by food scraps in your bin. To save yourself the job of cleaning yesterday’s rubbish from your kitchen floor, ensure that your bin has a lid before you leave your dog alone with it. 

Are your plants poisonous? 

Did you know that daffodil bulbs and rhubarb leaves are poisonous to dogs? Many plants and leaves are poisonous to dogs and cats so if you’re planning on adding some colour to your home, make sure to check whether they are dangerous to your pet before you take out the vase.  

Close the toilet lid

Try to get in the habit of keeping the toilet lid closed after every use. Not only will it prevent your pet from drinking for the toilet bowl but may prevent smaller animals from drowning. 

Protect your Shoescat at home

Keep your footwear in a protected shoe rack or in a cupboard if you have a pup or kitten. Shoes have long been a favourite chew toy for many a dog while kittens may not be able to resist playing with your shoelaces. 

Check your washing machine before you turn it on

Cats love to relax in warm enclosed areas and your washing machine or tumble dryer can seem like a comfortable place for a daytime nap to your cat. Before turning on your machine, have a quick look inside to ensure that your pet isn’t having a nap inside. 

Install a baby gate

If you want to prevent your dog from going upstairs in your home, install a baby gate. By restricting your dog to the downstairs of your home, your dog is free to roam around your house without having access to your freshly washed bed sheets or linen. 

How much you need to pet-proof your home may depend on how old your new pet is. Remember for small puppies or kittens, any loose moving object such as ornaments or kitchen utensils may be a hazard. 

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