Learner Driver Insurance: What You Need to Know

Posted on October 5, 2023

Starting off driving can be daunting. You don’t know how to drive, and you’ve never gone through the process of getting an insurance quote before. A learner driver needs to get insurance before getting on the road, and the right type of cover is essential. KennCo can help you with your first steps to getting on the road. We offer both Comprehensive Car Insurance and Third Party Fire & Theft Car Insurance. 

As you are new to driving and have no experience on the road, you will be paying a higher insurance premium. As you’re young and may not have the money to get on the road, we want to give learner drivers the lowest cost that we can. We want you to get on the road and feel that independence!

What Insurance Should You Choose

Some learner drivers may want to build up their no-claims bonus before they pass their test, so in this case, we would recommend taking out insurance in your own name. For example, it will be more expensive upfront than being added as a driver to a parent’s policy. But it’s good to build up that no-claims bonus straight away. We offer learner drivers the following coverage:

Third Party Fire & Theft – Third Party Fire and Theft covers you for any damage due to fire or theft. It also covers any damage to third parties where you’re at fault. Damage to your own car is not covered. 

Comprehensive – Comprehensive cover is the highest level of car insurance. We will cover the cost of your car and andy third parties even if you’re at fault. 

Comprehensive insurance is most popular for learner drivers. As they are relatively inexperienced, it is best to cover yourself for any possibilities. 

What You Need to as a Learner Driver 

As a learner driver, there are a few things you must remember and ensure so that you can drive safely and legally on the road. 

Display L Plates


Once you pass your theory test and obtain car insurance, you must put up L plates on the rear and front of your car. Driving without L plates is an offence, and could result in penalty points and a fine.

As soon as you pass your theory test and obtain car insurance, you must put up L plates on the rear and front of your car. Driving without L plates is an offence, and you could get 2 penalty points and a fixed penalty of €60 which can then increase to 4 penalty points and a €90 fine if convicted in a court. 

Never Drive Unaccompanied

As a learner driver, you must drive with an accompanied full driver. That driver could be a parent, sibling, spouse or whoever once they’ve held their license for over two years. It is against the law to drive unaccompanied on a learner permit. If you are convicted of driving unaccompanied or let an unaccompanied driver use your vehicle, then the following penalties apply to you:

  • If you drive unaccompanied and own the vehicle, your vehicle may be impounded.
  • If you drive unaccompanied, but the vehicle is not yours, then the owner’s vehicle may be impounded and face a fine of up to €1,000.

An unaccompanied learner driver may also face up to 4 penalty points and a fine of up €120. As you can see, it is a very serious offence to drive unaccompanied as a learner driver.

Driving Unaccompanied

Who Can Supervise a Learner Driver

Many learner drivers choose to be added to a parent or siblings policy to get practice between their lessons. As stated above, you need to be accompanied by a fully licensed driver who has held their full license for over two years. Most drivers will benefit from extra practise with parents or a sibling. It helps give you more practice and time on the road before your test. 

Get 12 Driving Lessons (EDT)

Essential Driving Training covers the learner driver for 12 sessions of training to help get you safely on the road. The purpose of EDT is to save lives. You are more vulnerable to accidents than other drivers as a learner due to inexperience.

EDT is not just a legal requirement but a foundational element of safe driving. Each of the 12 lessons is structured to impart critical skills and knowledge, preparing the learner for various on-road scenarios. It is also recommended that lessons be spread out over 6 months. This allows learners to absorb, practice, and refine their skills, ensuring that they are not just legally compliant but also confident and competent drivers.

Driving Lessons

EDT helps you maximise your road safety knowledge and behaviours by giving you the skills and the confidence to drive on the road.

Key Takeaways – Learner Driver Insurance

Starting Off:

  • Learner drivers face higher insurance premiums due to lack of experience.
  • KennCo offers affordable options to help novices start their driving journey.

Insurance Choices:

  • Comprehensive and Third Party Fire & Theft Car Insurance are available.
  • Having insurance in one’s own name helps build a no-claims bonus early.

Legal Requirements:

  • Learner drivers must display L plates on their vehicles.
  • Driving unaccompanied is an offence, leading to penalties and fines.

Accompanying Drivers:

  • Learners need to be supervised by a fully licensed driver with over two years of experience.
  • Being added to a parent or sibling’s policy can offer additional practice.

Essential Driving Training (EDT):

  • EDT consists of 12 mandatory sessions to enhance road safety knowledge and skills.
  • It’s advisable to spread the lessons over six months for effective learning.

At KennCo, our tailored insurance options are designed with you in mind, balancing cost and coverage to ensure that every new driver steps into the world of driving with confidence, backed by an insurance cover that’s as comprehensive as it is affordable.

If you are looking to purchase your car insurance, then get a quote online today! We have more information and FAQs on young driver car insurance to answer all your questions.

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