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Posted on November 14, 2023

Looking for Cheaper Insurance? 

Over the past two years, car owners in Ireland have seen an increase in car insurance premiums. This has been a widely discussed topic, with many Irish drivers feeling frustrated with the changes in their annual car expenses. In our previous article, we’ve addressed these issues regarding increased insurance prices and the factors that lead to these increases. With predictions for 2023 indicating that we won’t see a huge decrease any time soon, drivers may be interested to know what factors effect the cost of their insurance and which cars result in cheaper insurance. 

Factors Effecting Your Insurance Premium

Insurance companies take many factors into account when calculating your insurance premium. These can include the car engine size, age, driving history and your car’s security features. If you’re a first time buyer, the type of car you choose may make a big difference to the price of your insurance because, chances are, you’re young and you have little or no driving experience.

But it’s not only first-time buyers who need to consider what kind of car they’re buying. Typically the smaller the car engine size, the cheaper the insurance. So it’s worth thinking about whether you need to drive a 2.0-litre car. So, which cars increase your chances of getting cheaper insurance? 

Which Cars have Cheaper Insurance?

The correlation between car size and insurance premiums is a significant factor in determining insurance costs. Smaller cars generally attract lower insurance rates, primarily due to their engine size and overall risk profile.

Larger engine sizes, particularly those above 2.0 litres, typically incur higher insurance premiums due to the increased power and potential for higher-speed accidents. This is why you won’t find any 2.0-litre cars on lists of vehicles with the cheapest insurance rates.

Insurance companies assess risk based on various factors, including the likelihood of accidents, cost of repairs, and the car’s value. Smaller cars, often with less powerful engines, are perceived as less risky in these aspects. They are usually involved in less severe accidents, are cheaper to repair, and have a lower overall value, which translates to lower insurance costs. Additionally, smaller cars are often chosen by drivers who use them for city driving with lower average speeds and less mileage, further reducing the risk of significant accidents.

When considering a new car purchase, it’s worth noting that opting for a smaller car can lead to substantial savings on insurance premiums. This is particularly beneficial for drivers looking to save money or those who do not require the additional space and power of larger vehicles. The list of cars with cheaper insurance rates reflects this trend, offering a range of options for those seeking both affordability and practicality in their vehicle choice.

Toyota Yaris

Toyota Yaris Car

The Yaris: A perfect choice for those seeking to lower their insurance costs without compromising on size.

If you’re looking to reduce the cost of your insurance but don’t want to downsize too much, the Yaris is an excellent option. You can choose between diesel and petrol engines, which all have relatively low emissions. If you want to save a little more, you can also choose the efficient hybrid model. This will save you cash on fuel and insurance, and you’ll pay less tax too!  

Driving a Yaris might not be the smoothest drive of your life, but you’ll fit five 5 (small) adults into this car.

Price: €15,325

Fiat Panda

The Panda may suit city drivers with less mileage, this compact car excels in urban settings. Enjoy the benefits of a lower purchase price and effortless parking, while keeping in mind its limited suitability for motorway driving.

Fiat Panda Car

Fiat has had a reputation for unreliability with drivers in Ireland. Recently this has improved. However, owners of the Panda are still reporting problems with poor reliability. As car prices for this category go, it isn’t the cheapest, but it is on the lower scale for insurance costs.  

This car might be more suitable for city drivers who rack up less mileage. Due to its size, motorway driving might not be its best use.  You’ll benefit from its lower purchase price and easier parking. 

Price: €12,945


seat mii car

The Mii stands out in its category with cost-effective pricing and low running costs. Enjoy the added perks of lower car insurance and tax brackets with the Mii.

If you’re looking to cut costs, the Seat Mii is worth considering. The Mii is cheaper than most other cars in its category and has low running costs. You’ll also benefit from the Mii being in the lower pricing bracket for car insurance and tax. 

The basic models don’t include much, so if you want central locking and air conditioning features, you’ll have to fork out a little extra. However, if you’re considering holding on to the car for only a few years, the Mii has a good resale value so it might be worth the investment. 

The three cars above have an insurance rating of 1 and 3 on a scale of about 50 ratings. Smaller cars may not be suitable for everyone, especially for families. But for many drivers, moving down a car size is an option that should be considered. Below is a list of some other cars with low insurance ratings. 

  • Peugeot 1007 – Group 3
  • Toyota Aygo – Group 3
  • Citroen C1 – Croup 2
  • Skoda Citigo – Group 2
  • Ford KA – Group 3
  • VW UP! – Group 2
  • Kia Picanto – Group 2
  • Nissan Pixo – Group 2
  • Renault Twingo – Group 3

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