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Posted on April 7, 2023

Kennco.ie is a specialist insurance broker in BMW car insurance. We understand that being a BMW owner is prestigious, and we want our customers to know they have the best possible insurance available as a member of Kennco.ie.

We’re delighted to insure the hundreds of BMW owners we have as our customers and be the trusted company they turn to in times of crisis regarding their motoring needs.

We can ensure your BMW vehicle if it is roadworthy and legally allowed on Irish roads. Our quotations will differ based on your experience as a driver, the cost of your car, the features of your car, your no-claims bonus, and how securely you store your BMW at your residence.

You can get a car insurance quote online here. The process only takes a few minutes, and we can provide you with a BMW car insurance quotation.

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The History of the BMW

As we’ve said, being a BMW owner is associated with prestige. It is one of the world’s largest and best-known car manufacturers. The German company is regarded as one of the big three car manufacturers in Europe, alongside Audi & Mercedes.

The company started as an aircraft manufacturer before becoming exceptionally well-known for its motorbike and car manufacturing. BMW have been perfecting their automobile since the 1920s and was one of the companies to come through the Second World War and go from strength to strength.

Innovation has been at the core of BMW’s success. They’ve continually adapted to market trends. They introduced compact saloons in the 1950s and 60s, like the BMW 1500, which became a car enthusiast’s dream vehicle.

The BMW brand became so popular it entered the world of racing to further solidify its name as one of the top branded cars in the world. Their first entry was to the British Grand Prix in 1952, and in 2008, BMW won the Canadian Grand Prix with the help of driver Robert Kubica. They’ve since withdrawn from Formula One, but the victory was a testament to the engineering excellence of BMW.

BMW is renowned for its Class Series Car and has continually updated, modified and released new fantastic versions of its classic models. They’ve introduced new and exciting additions such as the M Class, a curvier and slicker design focus you wouldn’t see with the Class Series. The M range would be perceived as a performance sports car range.

The introduction to the X class saw the popular rise of SUV-style BMWs that have become popular among Irish road users. The X-class models have been praised for fuel efficiency and for adhering to environmental policies introduced by the European Union. The X Class has even introduced new hybrid functions, such as the Concept X6 Active Hybrid.

The latest range of i Series BMW’s fully electric, which has become one of Ireland’s favourite EV vehicles for those road users that want to be environmentally friendly and want to retain the BMW prestige.

Benefits of Being a BMW Owner

  1. Luxury – As mentioned in the history of BMW above, the company has been a renowned luxury car brand since the company’s inception. Super soft leather, slick interiors, fine wood panelling, and the latest in-car tech features are available to BMW owners.
  2. Safety – Over 100 years of manufacturing and testing user safety BMW as one of the world’s safest cars. The engineering team at BMW consistently adds the latest innovations in automobile safety, such as multi-interior airbags, activated knee protection, enhanced braking, lane departure warning, night vision capabilities, and run-flat tires. These are all features of modern BMW models.
  3. Value – Some cars hold their value more than others. BMW is a car that retains its value due to the brand’s popularity. This means that BMW owners may have excellent resale value on their vehicles.

BWM Insurance Quote

Kennco.ie has been helping insure BMW owners since its inception in 2008. We’re fully committed to trying to get you the best possible insurance price for your BMW today. Simply click the button below to get a car insurance quote online today. 

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