Taking Care of your Pets in Summer Weather

Posted on July 26, 2019

With hot weather appearing and disappearing over the last few weeks it is important to keep your pet’s safe while both in and around the home. You might think letting them roam around outside is a great idea but in reality it’s important to know what care your pets need during hot weather.

1. Don’t leave your pet in the car – We have all heard the horror stories on social media going viral over the last few years of animals being left in cars with disastrous endings. You might pop into your local Tesco to grab a few bits and you come back to your car and it’s like a furnace. Regardless of whether you can leave the windows open a few centimeters or not your pet will be uncomfortable and in danger being left in the car.

2. Avoid walking your dog during peak sun hours – The best times for walking your dog during the hot weather is early morning or late evening. You can check the temperature of the ground by pressing your fingers on the ground for 5 seconds. If you can’t leave your fingers on the ground then it is too hot for your dog also. Just like humans, dogs can get sunburnt through their fur and around their nose.

3. Keep your house cold – Leaving your windows open during the heat when possible will really help your pets stay comfortable during the day, if you have house pets. You will often find your pets in the coolest part of your house during this weather so helping them stay cool will keep them comfortable.

4. Shade – If you keep your pets outside make sure they have a shaded area they can rest under during the day

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5. Food & Water – Plenty of water kept in the shade to keep your dog hydrated. Adding some ice cubes to the water is a good idea to keep the water cold for longer. Like humans, your dog may not feel hungry during warmer weather. Monitor how much your dog is eating if they are prone to undereating.

6. Avoid dog grooming – Although you might think that by getting rid of your dog’s longer fur it will cool your pet down, it may do more harm than good. Fur acts as a protection from sunburn and overheating.

Dog getting Groomed


7. Checking for ticks and fleas – Warm weather will cause ticks and fleas to thrive so it’s good to be vigilant and use the warm weather as an excuse to wash your pets bedding frequently.

8. Keep your shed and cleaning products locked away – You may be using your gardening and cleaning products more freely during the summer months so be careful to keep toxic and chemical products locked away or out of reach of your pets and children.

9. Dehydration – Watch out for the signs of dehydration such as panting, vomiting clear liquid, increased heart rate and restlessness to name a few.

10. Swimming – Dogs who can swim well can be brought to beaches, lakes or canals for some swimming and a quick cool down. Paddling pools and hoses can be used at home and for dogs who may not feel comfortable in deep water.

Dog playing in water

If you notice anything out of the ordinary with your pet contact your local vet, they will have an out of hour’s number available if needed.

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