Road Signs in Ireland

Posted on June 3, 2022

Do you know your road signs? 

road signs ireland

After a time, those road signs that you drilled into your head before your car theory test may have started to fade from your memory. Of course, there are bound to be some road signs that you’ll never forget. A stop sign, for example, is something you’re going to see numerous times on each journey. And if you do forget, we’re pretty sure that you’ll be able to figure out what a sign with STOP written on it in capital letters means.

But there are some road signs that you see less often than you may have forgotten. Are you unsure whether that road is pedestrianised or whether you can park on that single yellow line? We’ve compiled a list of some of the less common road signs in Ireland and what they mean.

Clearway Road Sign

clearway road sign

This means that parking is prohibited in the area for the times shown.

You sometimes see the Clearway sign accompanying another parking sign. For example, in an area where there is paid parking from 7am to 8pm, you may be restricted from parking between 5pm to 6pm during rush hour. If so, the clearway sign will have 5pm to 6am underneath the ‘X’.

Pedestrianised Street Road Sign

pedestrianised street road sign

This means that the street is for pedestrians only. No cars are allowed.

It may also include times at which this takes effect. In some circumstances, vehicles are allowed on the road after shopping hours.

Single Yellow Line

single yellow line road sign

A single yellow line means that parking is not permitted EXCEPT on Sundays or outside of business hours. If you’re seeing double however, it means that parking is not permitted at any time.

Level Crossing Ahead (Unguarded)

level crossing road sign

This means that the railway level crossings have no barriers or gates. Drivers must obey the traffic lights at open level crossings.

Overhead Power Lines

overhead power lines road sign

At a glance, this sign may look like its indicating a fairly erratic road layout ahead. However it’s a warning sign to drivers that there a power lines overhead. This usually applies to drivers who are in large vehicles such as machinery with loaders attached.

Danger of Strong Crosswinds

strong crosswinds road sign

You will usually see this sign on an exposed road that is often at a height. On windy days, its important to be aware that your vehicle may be pushed across the road due to high winds. This can be particularly dangerous for drivers of lorries or trucks. Their large sides can catch the wind, and on rare occasions, be overturned.

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