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Posted on December 21, 2018

In our previous blog about the evolution of technology in the home, we emphasized how the value of our home contents has increased significantly. Meaning having your contents insured under your home insurance policy is vital and smart. Below are all our options available for home insurance that suits you.

You never know when you might have a situation like the McCallister’s…

We have a number of different products to suit your Home Insurance requirements:

1. Contents Only/Renters Insurance

As Ireland enters into Boom time levels of employment and housing issues, more people are renting now than ever before. People want the freedom to move around, move country and move jobs more easily. As you move around or rent on a long-term basis, why shouldn’t you be able to protect your contents?

Our Contents Only product will insure your contents against theft and accidental damage.

Be Specific

Specify what contents you have that need to be insured. For example, your engagement rings can be added to any home insurance policy. Other specified items we categorise include Jewellery, Camcorder, Laptop, Pedal Bikes, and Mobile Phones, Tablets or Musical instrument.

Value your contents at the correct amount. Ensure that you are including any sports equipment or unspecified valuable on cover.

Contents Only Key Features:

  • Accidental damage to a range of electronics
  • Accidental damage to a range of household finishes such as windows, glass, mirrors, ceramic hobs etc.
  • Loss of keys
  • 20% extra cover at Christmas to ensure your loved ones gifts are covered in case of burglary or damage stated in your policy documents.
  • Extra cover for contents during the month prior and after weddings and civil partnerships
  • Fire brigade costs
  • Money and credit cards
  • Fatal injury
  • Our full list of features can be found here

For Contents Only Insurance Quotes, click here.

2. Owner Occupied Insurance

If you are looking for home insurance that covers both your home and contents, our product is the perfect choice for you. Key benefits on this product include those listed above in the contents only product with additional cover to the building(s) of your home. Family Legal Protection is included in this policy which allows you and your family, who live with you in the property, access to legal advice and representation. This includes a range of areas such as contract disputes, bodily injury, identity theft, clinical negligence and disputes regarding employment.

Discounts can be applied to your home insurance if you have no claims, burglar alarm fitted or smoke detectors. A voluntary excess can also be applied in order to reduce your premium.

For more info on owner-occupied insurance and online quotes click here!

3. Landlord Insurance

We help you protect your property and the risk of loss of rent with a Landlords Home Insurance product. Have peace of mind for your property in the event of fire, theft, perils or subsidence.

Landlord Home Insurance Key Features:

  • Accidental damage to mains
  • Legal liability cover to the public
  • Garages or domestic outbuildings
  • Fire brigade charges
  • Loss of rent
  • Loss of keys
  • Landlords content cover
  • All features can be found here

    For more info on our Landlords Home Insurance click here!

First Time Buyer Offer

We currently offer First Time Buyers a 10% discount on their Home Insurance. It is important to know that you do not have to go with your mortgage provider when it comes to your Home Insurance. Of course, all mortgage providers will have their own option available, but shopping around is key to Home Insurance as much as it is for Motor Insurance.

For a quote for first-time buyers, give us a call on 014092600 and quote our offer to our sales team or fill out an initial quote here.

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