FAQ Categories: Home Insurance FAQ

Q. Can I renew my insurance online?


You can renew your Home and Motor Insurance online through www.kennco.ie/renewal

If you would like to make any amendments to your policy please call us on 014092600 before you renew your policy with us.

Your insurance policy does not come into effect until the full amount owed has been paid. If you have let your policy lapse please call us on 014092600.

You are not on cover if you have made payment past your policies renewal date.



Q. Can I cancel my insurance policy?


You can do this at any time. All you need to write to us and request that we cancel your policy. We’ll arrange the cancellation once we receive your request. Remember, cancelling the policy in the first year may result in you getting a small or no refund due to application of short period rates. No refund will be due where there is an incident which has or will result on a claim’s payment on your policy.

Q. What is the ‘cooling off’ period?


You have the right to cancel the policy within 14 days of the inception date or the date you receive the policy documents without giving any reason. You must tell us and you will receive a full refund of any premium you have paid to us, although we reserve the right on refunding any premium paid to us if you have made a claim under this policy.

Q. What is a policy excess?


It is the amount you are responsible for if you have a claim. For instance, if your excess is for €250 and you’re claiming for €3,000, the insurance settlement that you receive will be €2,750.

Q. What is Family legal Protection cover?


Family Legal Protection is included on our home policies. It will provide legal advice and representation if you, or family members live with you have a legal dispute. This could include contract disputes, identity theft, bodily injury, clinical negligence and employment disputes.

Q. What about specified and unspecified all-risks extensions?


All Risks generally covers items of value like jewellery outside the home. You can buy two kinds of all risks cover, specified all-risks insurance which covers listed items outside of the home. Unspecified all-risks cover is normally bought on a global basis and insures unspecified items outside of the home which are valued at a €1,000 or less. For instance you could insure a sum of €3,000 to cover numerous items, although none of the items will be valued at more than €1,000. Valuations are required where the value of your items is greater than €1,500.

Q. Does my home policy include Accidental Damage on buildings and contents?


Accidental damage to buildings and contents is included as standard on our home policies.

Q. What am I covered for under my buildings and contents insurance?


Typically covered is loss or damage to buildings and contents caused by fire, storm, flood, escape of water, theft. A full summary of the wide range of covers is available on request.

Q. What homes can be insured?


Our product is designed for owner occupied homes built after 1930. The minimum value for buildings is €75,000 and the maximum value is €800,000. The minimum sum insured for contents is €10,000. All homes proposed to us must have an acceptable claims record.