Reduce Your Carbon Footprint And Your Bills At Home

Posted on August 29, 2018

Reduce, reuse, and recycle…buzzwords that we as consumers have heard over the last decade and beyond. You can reduce your carbon footprint and reduce your bills at the same time in your own home. Homeowners are accustomed to getting hit with increase after increase in their home electricity and gas bills. Today, we are lucky to have readily available technology and knowledge of additional ways we can improve and protect our home.

Solar Panels, also known as Photovoltaic Panels are the most common and affordable alternative source of energy in Ireland. Not only will your energy costings decrease, but according to Alternative Energy Ireland, other areas that you will notice a difference in include; increased BER rating, reduction of carbon emissions in your home, constant hot water and speed up of some appliances cycles. The SEAI are currently offering grants of €1,200 for solar panel systems installed in Republic of Ireland Homes. VAT can also be claimed back on the installation cost.

Other simple ways of reducing your carbon footprint and your bills include:

  • Monitor your energy spend
    You can adopt a pay as you go system with both your gas and electricity. This can help monitor your weekly and monthly spend. You will be more aware of what you are spending and can see how simple changes like turning off the lights in rooms not in use. Did you know that leaving appliances on standby can use up to 40% of the power it actually uses when in use.

  • Recycle and compost
    Separating your recyclables can save on your bin fees. Bottle banks are widely available for free across the country and clothes banks and charity shops are a great way to get rid of any of your unused and in good condition clothes in the spare room or back of the wardrobe.

  • Don’t be tempted to use the dryer
    Although, winter is coming, continue to dry your clothes outside when you can rather than using a dryer. Not only will it save you on energy costs but the environment will thank you for helping to keep greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere. Alternatively, you could dry indoors in a room with ventilation. Never dry clothes in a room that you sleep in as it can be bad for your respiratory health, a common mistake people make.

  • Conserve Water
    After the glorious summer this year, water reserves are in the red for the remainder of the year. This year we witnessed Irish Water issue warnings, sanctions, and conservation information becoming available to the public on water conservation.

  • Online Billing is available from most companies as they try to become increasingly ‘paperless’. This can warrant small reductions in your bills. For example, Virgin Media offers a reduction of under €2 per month, which for switching to e-billing is an easy monthly saving.

Switcher.ie outlines what kind of energy user you are through their below infographic:

Energy user groups

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