Child Safety on Driveways

Posted on January 22, 2018

Reversing your Car on Driveways

The majority of child fatalities in Ireland occur in built up areas. One area in particular where many injuries or fatalities occur is on residential driveways. Most accidents on driveways occur where the driver is reversing and is unable to see a child behind the car. Reversing a car on a driveway can be difficult due to it being on a sloped or narrow surface. house driveway ireland

Tips for Driveway Safety

  • Walk around the back of the car before you get into your car. Don’t forget that it’s not just your own children that you need to be aware of. Neighbours’ children may come into your garden to retrieve a ball etc.
  • Consider adding a fence or hedging along the length of your driveway to prevent children or animals crossing behind your car
  • Reverse your car into the parking place instead of driving straight in. This will result in your having much greater visibility when you’re leaving the house again. 
  • Educate your children about road safety and warn them about the dangers or walking or playing behind a car. 
  • Add lighting to your driveway if possible. During the winter months, you may be leaving and returning home in the dark.

For more safety road safety tips, visit rsa.ie


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